The Erosion of Bone and Will

Like the steady drip of water against the face of a stone mountain over epochs, or the ravages of heavy winds and waves on sea shores over eons, or the pounding of shod hooves on dirt over centuries, the environment is altered and changed by even the smallest particular collisions, even noticeably so if given … More The Erosion of Bone and Will



A pile of six heads, neatly stacked, greeted us when we stepped down from the ramp.  Each was easily recognizable as having once belonged atop the shoulders of a living, breathing human being, and yet each was also almost as unremarkable as the next.  In death, they had lost everything that had made them so … More Heads

The Solution

*This one is sans photographs. There just wasn’t an image in my arsenal that fit well enough to include. Memory is entirely unreliable, I know that. It is malleable and moldable and completely subject to the influence of third-party stimuli. Parts of memory are certainly rooted in the unquestionably accurate recording of sensory input, the … More The Solution